What is in My Anti-stress Toolbox?

Stress. We all throw around the word stress, but how many of us actually know what it means. Stress refers to something important or significant. Anxious and worry are not part of the definition of stress, but stress is often used interchangeably. Stress is inherently a neutral term that does not imply negative or positive connotations. Important and significant events are happening all the time, which means we are always expending energy reserves to face these events, whether it is an important deadline at work or a birthday party for your child. This means we need to balance our stress/recover cycle to effectively face important and significant life events. So when I say “Anti-stress Toolbox” I mean tools that we implement on a regular basis.

The tools in the following list will be updated on a weekly basis. There are three main categories: mind, body, and spirit. It is best to try and implement strategies from each category to help recover and prevent negative effects of stress. Each tool will also have a corresponding post to provide more detail on the benefits and ways to implement them. These are not meant to be all encompassing and some people will find some tools more helpful than others.


Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks are a form of relaxation technique that uses basis neuroscience to improve brain health. They require just 5-10 minutes of intentional, low stimulation, and consistent exercises to relax well. Learn more here.



Move your body! Whether it is taking the time for a walk, lifting weights, or some HIIT training, movement is an essential part of recovering and preparing for stressful events. Learn how movement can help you here (Coming Soon).


Meaning-centered Journal Exercise

This journal exercise provides a helpful reflection of each day. No matter how mundane the day may seem, using these prompts can help provide an opportunity to see how you experienced beauty, love, and joy each day. Start this journal exercise here (Coming Soon).

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