What is magnetic resonance stimulation / PEMF Therapy?

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation therapy emits pulsating electromagnetic fields to promote increased nutrient and oxygen delivery to the cells via enhanced circulation. This allows the cells to boost ATP production (creating energy) and also allows the cells to detoxify (removes waste). Essentially by doing so, the cells and tissues are allowed to heal. Many notice improvements in sleep, pain, and general healing response with magnetic resonance stimulation/PEMF therapy.

Why our PEMF is different from other brands:
Yes, its true – not all PEMF is the same. Our clinic utilizes iMRS PEMF technology. Our mat delivers sawtooth waveform, which research shows is the most effective waveform pattern for maximizing ion displacement and improved PEMF delivery. Our localized applicator utilizes NASA proven square waveform, which is most effective at repairing and regenerating cellular structures (ie- for pain relief). Our system is the only device on the market that utilizes a biorhythm clock and only delivers frequencies that correspond with the earth’s natural frequency variables (0-30 hz). Our mat also uses various sized circular coils to deliver the purest electromagnetic field to different parts of the body. Lastly, our PEMF is extremely customizable so that we can specifically target your health goals.

Common Reasons People Use iMRS/PEMF

Frequency of Treatment

Through years of research & experience, German Physicians recommend 3 sessions each week for 30 sessions to experience best, lasting results. This is our recommendation for our clients!

 However, due to exposures and stressors we encounter on a daily basis, treatments can be used infinitely, as often as twice daily for preventative health purposes.


Individual Session

A single session for full body magnetic resonance stimulation with far infrared - brainwave entrainment or spot treatments if desired.

Length of treatment ranges from 8-24 minutes depending on applied protocol.

Package Options

Non-monthly Package (sessions do not expire)
10 sessions: $250


Unlimited Monthly Package
(3 months required, then cancel anytime)
$125 / month

Combination Packages

Want to combine pemf with hyperbaric oxygen or sauna sessions? Check out our package options here!

Purchase Option

If you are interested in purchasing your own unit for home use, we are happy to assist you. We can walk you through all available unit options. Please contact us at:

We do not accept or bill insurance. All payments must be made at the time of service.  

Add-On Options

What is Spot or Targeted treatment?

A spot or targeted treatment is a way for us to apply direct treatment to a localized area. Spot treatments use a different waveform than the full body mat. The waveform applied is specific for repair and regenerating cellular structures.
Targeted treatments should always be used alongside full body treatments – since the waveforms compliment and enhance the activity of one another.

What is brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment system uses light, sound, and color to help harmonize the brain. Using this alongside the full body PEMF mat can further relax the body & brain, reduce stress, improve focus, restore healthy sleep, and improve mood & emotional well-being.

There is no extra effort required when using brainwave entrainment. You will lay on the full body mat, apply goggles, relax, and let your body heal.

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