What is Neurofeedback?

Micro Current Neurofeedback (MCN) is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment option for people suffering from a wide array of issues. MCN reads the brainwaves and provides change to the brainwave state without effort from the person receiving treatment. Studies and reports have shown enduring and sustainable change after a short number of treatments. MCN is effective in areas including anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injury, ADHD/ADD, substance abuse, and more.*

Conditions that are often helped with Microcurrent Neurofeedback:


Generally, clients should expect to have at least 10 to 20 sessions to achieve the full benefits of Microcurrent Neurofeedback. We have many packages available to help individuals and families with costs. Please see details below.


This package is required for all new clients to begin their neurofeedback process (unless purchasing larger package or family package). Package includes initial 1-hour consultation and treatment, brain gauge assessment, and 2 follow-up treatments.


Individual treatments are available to established clients. These are great for peak performance, symptom maintenance, or continuing care.

Individual Patient

To help with costs we have 6 treatment ($685) and 12 treatment ($1,250) packages available. Individual packages are not transferrable to any other family member. Book an initial MCN treatment to get started.


Family packages allow treatments to be shared among family members. We have two options:
#1: Family "Partner" Package: 20 treatments for $2,050. Treatments may only be shared by 2 family members.
#2. Family Package: 40 treatments for $4,000. Usable by all immediate family members.
Book an initial MCN treatment to get started.


“Our son’s original symptoms that increased in frequency and severity since he was a little child were: generalized anxiety, obsessive thoughts of becoming sick or throwing up, waking up at night with the obsessive thoughts, withdraw from social setting because he was fearful of getting sick, constant stomachaches (even waking up from sleep with them), constant fight or flight symptoms which included things he could not control like eyes dilated most of the day, sensory stimulation leading to anger and irritability, lack of joy, emotional eruptions which he felt he had no control over, sudden paleness of skin, limited appetite, and felt he was wired inside and could never relax.” READ MORE

Natalie V.

mother of client

Session Experience

After seated and comfortable, the provider will place five EEG electrodes at different areas on your head and neck. These areas will be cleaned and conductive paste will be applied to hold electrodes in position. The electrode’s positions may change throughout treatment and in following treatments.

The initial introduction session will last between 45-60 minutes. Subsequent sessions will last a half hour. There are 6 protocol settings and different sensitivity levels. These will vary depending on individual nervous systems. The hardiness and fragility will be assessed by the provider before the session and evolve after responses are determined.

There may be responses due to temporary reactivity of the nervous system. These can be felt 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Reactivity includes feelings of fatigue, spaciness, anxiousness, headache, or symptom increase. These are normal and will pass. Even though temporarily uncomfortable, these feelings do not persist and will be followed by improvements. Reactivity is demonstrating that good things are happening and positive responses occur as a subset of these reactions.

After the session has ended, the provider will give you an observation sheet to fill out 24-hours after your session. This sheet will be brought to the following session or can be emailed prior to the session. This observation sheet is vital to the neurofeedback process.

The main goal of treatment is sustained stability over time. The goal is to reach a point where treatment is no longer needed. Treatment plans vary from case to case. Typically, you should expect no less than 10 treatments to reach lasting sustainability. In the beginning phases, there can be a need for multiple treatments in a week. The provider will explore treatment plans that fit your situation during the first treatment and consultation.

IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback Research

A pilot study was initiated to see if there are changes in the brain when individuals with a traumatic brain injury use the IASIS MCN system. This study used magnetoencephalography (MEG) to prove differences in brain functioning. Follow the link below to view the results of this study.

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