Brain Gauge Assessment

The Brain Gauge is a tool used to measure brain function. This laboratory grade research tool has merged state-of-the-art technology with a wealth of neuroscience research. The Brain Gauge is a neurosensory assessment tool that tests brain functions through the sense of touch in the fingers. The test is easy to comprehend, however answering the queries is quite difficult with diminished brain functioning The Brain Gauge measures various points of interest with brain functioning. This includes speed, accuracy, plasticity, connectivity, time perception, focus, fatigue, and sequencing. These come together to result in a composite score, or corticalmetric. Mend Integrative Wellness uses this tool to measure the effectiveness and  progress of treatment. We also welcome anyone to use this tool to assess their overall brain health..  

Everything you do affects your brain!

Brain Gauge technology has been used to measure brain function in over 50 peer-reviewed studies. Most often, these tests are used to monitor and track patient response to various interventions (both positive and negative responses) so treatment can be adapted based on the patient’s individual needs. Early baseline scores may help us see decline in brain function before symptoms appear. Some common conditions tracked, include:


Brain Gauge Assessment

Pricing includes the Brain Gauge Assessment and a copy of the results for your records. Results may be taken to your care provider for further treatment. No treatment recommendations are provided at this visit.

Brain Gauge is not a treatment!

The Brain Gauge is an assessment tool used to measure brain health. This is not a treatment for increasing cognition or other brain function. However, Mend Integrative Wellness has treatments available to people who are looking to optimize their overall health, including the brain, through Micro Current Neurofeedback, Functional Medicine, and more!

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