Neurofeedback Testimonial

“Our son’s original symptoms that increased in frequency and severity since he was a little child were: generalized anxiety, obsessive thoughts of becoming sick or throwing up, waking up at night with the obsessive thoughts, withdraw from social setting because he was fearful of getting sick, constant stomachaches (even waking up from sleep with them), constant fight or flight symptoms which included things he could not control like eyes dilated most of the day, sensory stimulation leading to anger and irritability, lack of joy, emotional eruptions which he felt he had no control over, sudden paleness of skin, limited appetite, and felt he was wired inside and could never relax.

Social situations would exhaust him and he had more and more trouble interacting with his siblings who he thought were “too loud” or “too much.” Playing sports was becoming more difficult for him as well. He is a good basketball player but this last season we noticed how rigid his body was while playing, as though in a constant state of fear. We stopped allowing him to play video games as this would create intense irritability and insomnia when he played. Even his language ability and verbal usage became hindered as he stuttered more over his words and at times couldn’t get out the words he wanted to communicate with fast enough so it would frustrate him.

We were desperate for something that could help him. Cognitive behavioral strategies never worked with our son because we never could break through his fight or flight/limbic/emotional symptoms. He knew what he “should” do to control his moods, but he never could get to a place of feeling calm and at ease within himself. 

We were hopeful, but new to this concept of neurofeedback, so did not really know what to expect. We knew neurofeedback was gaining in its ability to help people and wanted to try this as an option for healing. By session two, he was already experiencing healing. He began sleeping through the night, his obsessive thoughts of becoming sick started to lessen in severity and frequency. He was more relaxed and actually colored for a few hours with siblings (he has never been able to do this!), he had greater focus in school, he started to laugh more, and his eyes were not as dilated. The day of neurofeedback treatment #2, he played his best basketball – he ran and played with ease rather than rigidity and stressed. He said it was as if the “pressure” he felt inside was gone. Every neurofeedback session afterwards was something that he looked forward to. Even while he was getting the neurofeedback treatment, his body and mind would relax. He continued to have greater symptom relief each time and by session #6 he was doing amazing! All of his original symptoms have been relieved.

By session #6 he no longer had obsessive thinking, his eyes are no longer dilated, he can play video games and sleep at night, his appetite has returned to normal, and he has joy again. He no longer has stomachaches. He sleeps great now. His communication skills are great, and he is able to communicate much more fluidly. He says it feels like his mind has relaxed now. His relationship with his siblings has improved as he does not get overwhelmed by them. He took the brain gauge test (at Mend Integrative) after session #6 and his brain gauge results were dramatically improved!

As parents, we are overjoyed and filled with gratitude that neurofeedback has helped our son return to the person we knew God created him to be. A smart, funny, joy-filled boy who does not have to live in a state of fear or in sensory overload. It has been incredible to see the transformation in our son.

We highly recommend MCN at Mend Integrative. The emotional and cognitive results we have seen in our son have shown that this treatment is effective and brings significant change. MCN is an amazing tool to help move people from anxiety, obsessive thinking, sensory overload, etc. to a state of calm, greater focus, and being at ease. As a licensed mental health counselor, I would highly recommend this tool for clients who feel they are stuck, not moving forward, or not getting symptom relief with cognitive behavioral or other treatment modalities.”

Natalie V.
Mother of Client

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