What is Functional Mental Health?

Functional Mental Health is an option for those seeking a more holistic approach to their mental health issues/concerns – without the use of drugs. Our Functional Mental Health program includes an initial 1.5 hour assessment with our holisitic mental health counselor & certified brain health coach. We will also recommend a set of bloodwork to assess some metabolic & nutritional labs that may be contributing to mental health concerns. After review of your intake and lab results, our team will then establish a treatment plan for you. Treatments may include: diet, lifestyle interventions, counseling, therapies (neurofeedback, biofeedback, pemf, brainwave entrainment, hbot, acupuncture, massage, …), dietary supplements, etc. While many of these will be available at our clinic, we will also refer out to other places if needed for best care.

Already on medication? No problem! We work with all clients that are seeking alternative ways to further manage symptoms. Although you will need to maintain a relationship with your prescribing practitioner.


Reasons Patients Choose Functional Mental Health Program:


Functional Mental Health Intake

90-minute assessment with mental health counselor/brain health coach to help determine what treatment options will be best for your health.

Lab Testing

Lab testing for the mental health program is standard for all patients and will be ordered AFTER your intake appointment.

Bloodwork cost: $175-$265
Saliva Cortisol Panel: $115

Treatment Plan Review

60-minutes to review treatment recommendations, discuss labs, and answer any questions.

We do not accept or bill insurance. All payments must be made at the time of service. No refunds provided for any services or labs.

Choosing between Functional Mental Health vs Functional Medicine

Difference between Functional Mental Health and Counseling

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