Massage therapy is for you and everyone you know, as it is always tailored to the individual needs of the client! Catering to each individual allows for the maximum benefit for the infant, the elderly, and everyone in between. Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years for a number of purposes including but not limited to increasing circulation, decreasing stress, preventing injuries, and aiding in healing injuries related to movement or the lack thereof.  Our expert Mend massage therapist is trained in the modalities offered below and is ready to assist you.  

Benefits of Massage Therapy


30 Minute Massage

Best if only one area of concern.

60 Minute Massage

Best if one to two areas of concern OR if needing light full body massage.

90 Minute Massage

Best option for those with chronic concerns OR needing focused attention in multiple areas.

We choose to utilize a set rate for massage services instead of charging various prices for different types of massage. This allows our LMT to adapt the massage to fit your specific needs (a combination of deep tissue, lymphatic, etc), giving you the most bang for your buck! However, you can always request a specific type of massage be performed at your appointment.

Types of Massage


Is this for me?

This massage is for you if you live an active lifestyle, if you’re recovering from an injury, if you desire deeper pressure, if you have chronic pain, etc.

What should I expect?

In this massage, you will experience a blend of compression, frictioning, shearing, and firm gliding and kneading strokes, as well as various types of stretching used with the goal to restore functional movement, aid in tissue healing, resolve adhesions, increase flexibility, and aid in injury recovery. This massage incorporates a combination of multiple modalities including deep tissue work, clinical sports massage techniques, neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release techniques, positional release, static, PNF, and essentric stretching techniques. When used in combination, these techniques allow your massage therapist to reach optimal results in reaching your treatment goals.


Is this for me?

Lymphatic drainage is for everyone!

What should I expect?

This massage includes light, specific directional strokes including stationary circles, pumps, rotary strokes, and scooping strokes designed to move your lymph fluid throughout the body. Lymphatic drainage massage is ideal for boosting a sluggish immune system, reducing swelling and edema, relieving headaches and constipation, those who are immobile due to illness or injury, allergy sufferers, and those with general anxiety or insomnia.




Is this for me?

This massage is for you if you are currently pregnant.

What should I expect?

There are many benefits of receiving massage during pregnancy including but not limited to improved elimination of waste products, combating fatigue, alleviating muscle discomfort, relieving depression/anxiety, relieving normal discomforts of pregnancy, increasing local and general circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrients to mom and baby, and soothing nervous tension. Pregnant mothers can receive massage at any time during their pregnancy, but positioning and techniques utilized will vary based on the trimester you’re in.


Is this for me?

This massage is for you if you desire a relaxation experience with lighter pressure.

What should I expect?

In this massage, you will experience a blend of light gliding and kneading strokes, ideal for improving circulation and providing a relaxing experience. The goal is to move your body from a state of sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system activation to parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system activation. While the sympathetic state is a vital part of our functioning as human beings and allows us to accomplish many things, it can be harmful to our health if we are in the sympathetic, high stress state too frequently. By shifting into the parasympathetic state, your body is able to slow your heart rate, relax your muscles, increase your digestive enzymes, and dilate your blood vessels. These things all aid in increasing your overall health and your recovery from the daily grind.

To Book a Massage:

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